As he does every year Matt Cutts today stepped onto the stage at PubCon to discuss what he feels will be upcoming over the next year in Search Engine Optimisation. Today I’ll be discussing what I feel are the highlights and the need-to-know of SEO so you are ready for the upcoming algorithmic changes which […]

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WH Smith’s made a potentially damaging PR move when they removed their whole site to deal with a explicit eBook issue. Here are 3 more major PR foul-ups.

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Anyone who has any sort of interest in the fitness industry knows that there are various supplements available, which claim to give the user “epic mass” or “a six pack in one week, GUARANTEED”. Now, it’s entirely up to the user as to whether they believe these often ludicrous claims, however, it is true to [...]

Do small businesses even ask themselves this question? I don’t think they do and I reached this conclusion from the responses I get when meeting small business owners on a weekly basis. Even in today’s society many small businesses and one man bands have a remarkably low understanding of the importance of the internet and [...]

Maya’s first Creare blog demonstrating how a well written press release can help your SEO campaign and brand exposure.

In Part 1 of this Advanced Google Analytics Series, Rebecca Hollingsworth shows you how to edit your Google Analytics tracking code to enable you to track several sites that already have an existing analytics account by installing a roll up account.

Rebecca Hollingsworth talks about how to track the article marketing and social media campaigns you distribute across the internet and their effectiveness.

Rebecca looks at ways to give your SEO a health check and make some New Years Resolutions for best practices for the year moving forward.

SEO – Santa’s Expedition Optimising

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Rebecca talks about her all time hero in life Santa and about how the work he does has given him the skills to complete the required work for internal SEO in a website!

Rebecca shows you how to measure the Return onInvestment for your SEO clients. This is a great way of ensuring that they recieve enough conversions to make them money