Gaining Natural Links Back to your Website

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SEO Consultant Josh Chamberlain discusses a couple of methods to gain natural links back to a website.

Anyone who has any sort of interest in the fitness industry knows that there are various supplements available, which claim to give the user “epic mass” or “a six pack in one week, GUARANTEED”. Now, it’s entirely up to the user as to whether they believe these often ludicrous claims, however, it is true to [...]

Will Tumblr go Tumbling down?

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Tristan from the Onsite Team has taken the time out to write his 1st blog. He looks into whether Tumblr made the right choice in giving their name to Yahoo! to control and brand?

Top Three Marketing Blunders to Avoid

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If you are developing your own marketing plan, be sure to read this latest post from Gayle Brown to learn what blunders to avoid.

Go Viral or Go Home

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Copywriter Gayle Brown explains how to successfully plan a viral campaign in three easy steps – all with the help of a cheeky clip of the #danceponydance advert

With article marketing playing a big part in the SEO world at the moment, many consultants are turning to it to get high quality backlinks in relevant content. Stop with the basics of social sharing, they are too obvious and look at more advanced methods of ensuring your article is shared across social networks. Here [...]

Rob takes a look at the upcoming deluge of wearable tech, briefly asking how it will impact marketing but predominantly wildly speculating about the future.

Leveraging traffic via Twitter

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As an SEO consultant, success of a campaign is generally gauged by the rankings of your clients. Sending traffic to a site can be a challenging issue, but one which any good SEO will address. Rankings and branding will generally drive traffic, however, often, to go to the next level; something out of the ordinary [...]

The general convention when discussing all things social media is for the narrative to focus and dwell on Facebook, twitter and more recently pintrest. One telling absence from these discussions is Google’s very own attempt at launching into the foray of social media, Google+. At its launch, Google had the vision that this new social [...]

Guest Blogging; The What, Why & How

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Copywriter Gayle Brown explains what guest blogging is, why you should use it and how you can find potential websites to post on; be sure to read.