As he does every year Matt Cutts today stepped onto the stage at PubCon to discuss what he feels will be upcoming over the next year in Search Engine Optimisation. Today I’ll be discussing what I feel are the highlights and the need-to-know of SEO so you are ready for the upcoming algorithmic changes which […]

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Say NO to SPAM Burgers

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During lunch I pondered upon the thought of the perfect SEO burger…

The rate at which we use our mobile devices for everyday tasks is consistently increasing day by day. Its not a new, hard-hitting revelation I know but I’m still amazed at how rapidly the hardware and software for this growing medium is developing. The other day I searched for and ordered a book from the [...]

The Growth of Mobile Internet Users

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In his first blog feature, SEO Consultant Josh Chamberlain discusses the impact of mobile internet and how this innovation is changing the way we use the web.

Mobile Websites and SEO Explained

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In Monday’s blog post, Joel looks at the ever growing mobile websites industry, and asks some basic but important questions regarding SEO for mobile websites.

The future is bright the future involves mobile SEO

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With 4 billion mobile users world wide, it doesn’t take a genius to work out the opportunity for growth in mobile SEO is massive.

Should You Be Thinking About Mobile SEO

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We are now at the stage where not only does your website need to be search engine friendly, but its also time to think about ensuring it is compatible with mobile searches.