Anyone who has any sort of interest in the fitness industry knows that there are various supplements available, which claim to give the user “epic mass” or “a six pack in one week, GUARANTEED”. Now, it’s entirely up to the user as to whether they believe these often ludicrous claims, however, it is true to [...]

The Snippet Tool and SEO

February 15th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Google | meta tags | Organic SEO | Search Engine Optimisation | SEO - (Comments Off)

This week, in her first blog post Carly looks at the Snippet Optimisation Tool.

Google analytics training: SEO Reports for clients

January 25th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Google Analytics | Organic SEO | SEO | tutorial - (Comments Off)

Rebecca Hollingsworth offers some training on Google Analytics and how to ensure that you can give the right reports to your SEO clients to tell them what they want to know.

Rebecca looks at ways to give your SEO a health check and make some New Years Resolutions for best practices for the year moving forward.

Rebecca Hollingsworth shows you how to integrate both PPC and SEO to maximise your sales conversions and create strong SEO campaigns that produce great results.

Amelia Vargo, Senior SEO Consultant discusses the best ways of getting to know your clients and ensuring that your SEO campaign is successful.