Get Up, Get Dressed & Get Creative with Your Content

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Copywriter Gayle Brown explores the realm of the creative writer, outlining the importance of creativity within the written word and how it can build a relationship with the reader.

Branded Linking Protects Internal Pages – SEO Video

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Today we’re going to review the anchor text and linking strategy for

The general convention when discussing all things social media is for the narrative to focus and dwell on Facebook, twitter and more recently pintrest. One telling absence from these discussions is Google’s very own attempt at launching into the foray of social media, Google+. At its launch, Google had the vision that this new social [...]

A Preview To The Training Games

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So how do you transform the aspects and terms of the SEO world into actual objects? This was the task we set ourselves when we decided to make our latest video at Creare. The Training Games shows the story of an SEO trainee. We wanted to take the SEO world from the internet and turn [...]

What to learn from the latest Google AdWords Update

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In today’s post I have briefly touched the surface of new Google AdWords update.

Panda Algorithm Update – Jan 2013

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Hello and welcome to this weeks Creare SEO video blog. This week I’m joined by recently engaged Ashley Mason – congratulations Ashley! Following on from last weeks video ‘How to Identify Which Algorithm Update Has Affected You’, today we’re going to delve a little further into penalty analysis – or more specifically analysis of sites [...]

Just another SEO romance

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Been around the Blog? Do things the right way! Yes that’s right, today is officially the best day of the year for showing the love; but why should we limit this to just our partners when link building prospects can be even more exciting! It can be an excruciatingly frustrating process ploughing through an almost [...]

Google Has Changed and So Should We

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Today Jon looks at the direction SEO campaigns will have to go in in order to remain successful in the future.

Google Plus Communities, What You Need To Know

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Its fair to say that just like a pancake, google plus has got off to a pretty flat start. Since its launch in 2011 it has been up against giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, so critics have been the first to emphasise its somewhat lack of success. However notably, SEOs and internet fanatics [...]

Content Marketers: On Your Marks, Get Set…Go!

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As the importance of content marketing has finally sunk in, everyone’s making a mad dash to get a strategy up and running but the question is, will it work?