How to Identify Which Algorithm Update Has Affected You.

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Hi and welcome to this weeks SEO video blog, today we are going to take a look at how to identify which algorithm update has affected your website.

5 Valentine’s Gifts for the SEO Lover

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Looking for a Valentine’s gift for the SEO lover in your life? Hayley runs through 5 of the best buys which could be perfect for your favourite SEO this Valentine’s Day.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is due to release his generic viagra book “The New Digital Age” on April 23rd and as usual he is generic cialis being as outspoken as ever and excerpts from the book obtained by The Wall Street Journal have revealed information that SEO’s should be taking notice of. The excerpt [...]

Google’s Clamp Down on Fake Reviews

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As you may have heard Google has rolled out…. Yes another algorithm update. However is this one really that bad? All algorithms, new or updates are in place for one reason, to help the customer find exactly what they are looking for. As we all know Googles’ end goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and [...]

How Social Media can improve your ROI in 2013

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Social media usage is growing year by year and I think we can all safely agree that this usage will increase massively this year! In this blog, I’ll be writing about how you can continue using social media and potentially increase your return on investment Maintain Levels of Interaction & Engagement! So many people are [...]

Mobile Click-to-Call Tracking In GA – Video

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Today we are going to take a look at how to track your Click-to-call events in Google Analytics.

Going it Alone – Think Twice

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Over the past decade SEO has become common knowledge amongst business owners who have realised the difference a strong web presence can make to their turnover. With endless numbers of businesses on the high street, both established chains and independent shops falling, promoting your business on the web has never been so valuable. With this [...]

5 Trends that Will Shape Content Marketing for 2013

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We all know content is king but what does it have is in store for 2013? Read this post and find out what trends will shape content marketing this year

Are You Giving Your Clients What They Want?

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Today Jon looks at the importance of understanding what a client wants from their SEO

Stupefy, Semper-Fi, Storify

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Rob haphazardly stumbles through an exploration of the importance of story-telling in your content marketing, knocking over a tall standing lamp in the process.