Today Jess looks into an interview with Andre Weyher an ex-member of Matt Cutts’s search quality team, to see if she can find any “secret information” we may need to know about Google’s next update.

Identifying the Appropriate Content for your Campaign

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With SEO companies shifting their focus from straight link building to more content orientated brand development, as content marketers we are suddenly spoiled for choice in terms of what we can produce for our clients. However, this freedom to publish content across a range of different mediums shouldn’t lead you to use them for the [...]

Think Like Google

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“…And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers”, sorry for working in a Sam Jackson line there. But at this point Google is pretty much God to SEO’s (pardon the blasphemy) threatening to strike you down if you put a foot [...]

Google vs Bing – Which Search Engine Wins?

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In the mad world of search, there’s bound to be rivalries amongst the variety of search engines around. Google and Bing have proved to be the two main search engines in the headlines. It’s safe to say that Google is the most popular search engine around with the majority of internet users using Google as [...]

How To Create A Robots.txt – SEO Video

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Nick creates a super simple robots.txt file to restrict files from the search engines.

Rising To Fame Online

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There is no hiding the fact that there is money to be made online. In the past 10 years the digital industry has exploded in every direction, serious cash has been generated from the viral community. Ensuring you have an online presence is more important now than ever, in fact a vast array of products, [...]

Return of the Penguin 3.0

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The SEO world was rocked with anticipation last Friday evening as the inevitable happened – Matt Cutts let loose over Twitter with the news that Google has just released the third update to the now infamous algorithm update ‘Penguin’. This may strike deadly fear into certain SEO’ers and with good reason – the last 2 [...]

How To Make Great Content That Will Get Shared

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Today Brad looks into creating content that will get shared.

Successful PPC – Adwords Tips & Tricks

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In this weeks SEO Video Blog, Tom and James look at what makes a successful PPC campaign.

Do small businesses even ask themselves this question? I don’t think they do and I reached this conclusion from the responses I get when meeting small business owners on a weekly basis. Even in today’s society many small businesses and one man bands have a remarkably low understanding of the importance of the internet and [...]