AdWords Beta Image Extensions

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Google announced last week the introduction of beta image extensions in adwords campaigns, to entice users to click on our ads. 1 in 6 searches nowadays on Google provide visual content, so what better time to introduce image extensions! Michaela, in our PPC department discusses the introduction of the extensions and what it means for future PPC campaigns.

Today Holly looks at Matt Cutts talk on spammy sites, and how they are targeting particular Google Queries.

The Artist Formally Known As ‘SEOMoz’ – Rebranding and SEO

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Unless you’ve been living under a Galactic sized SEO rock or you are one of my friends (of which I have many!) that I constantly bother with tweets about different blog posts ‘Creare’ has written, then you will have heard that ‘SEOMoz’ is no more! Opting to be called just ‘Moz’, (kinda like “The Artist [...]

Gaining Natural Links Back to your Website

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SEO Consultant Josh Chamberlain discusses a couple of methods to gain natural links back to a website.

Michaela from our PPC department explains how shops going online like Primark which happened this week will affect paid search marketers and shares her thoughts on the enhanced campaigns which focus heavily on the mobile user.

The greatest weight loss secret…kidding, just another SEO blog.

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Have you ever found that you are focusing on something so much that you forget there are other options surrounding you? Like on a diet for instance. You find a certain snack or food that works for you, so you stick to it, taking it everywhere with you,including the office and when someone offers you [...]

SEO – Where’s the Devil??

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SEO – Where’s the Devil?   As a newcomer to the wonderful world of SEO, I have quickly learnt some fundamental basics to SEO and here are some tips and what to do if you are new to SEO.   SSShhh! and listen – My first tip is as simple as that. Coming into an [...]

Happy 10th Birthday WordPress!

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This week our favourite blogging platform WordPress turns 10! To celebrate this momentous occasion let’s have a look over the past decade. So in true Michael Aspel fashion – WordPress…This is your life! On 27th May 2003 WordPress started life as a small project founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mark Little, he took the code [...]

What “The Great Gatsby” can teach us about SEO

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As you will probably know, the famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald has hit our cinema screens this month. The story follows the mysterious figure of Jay Gatsby during the 1920s. Gatsby desperately wants to be reunited with his old flame Daisy, who he is separated from when he goes to war. But what can [...]

Impossible Is Nothing

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Whilst casually browsing on the internet I came across a quote which got me thinking. A quick recap, Muhammad Ali is a bit of a personal hero of mine who I have a lot of admiration for. Not only for his glove adorned skills as a pugilist, but also the grit, determination and conviction that [...]