99 Problems, but my site ain’t one – Video

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Welcome to this weeks SEO video, James and I have recently been preparing for a SEO conference presentation and we have been discussing key takeaways. One point that continually stuck out in our thoughts was how important a websites design & development was for a successful digital marketing campaigns. With all the variables which have [...]

We’ve all sat there, staring at a blank screen, wishing words to appear on the pristine white page of your computer screen. As the saying goes, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration…yeah, right. Thinking of an idea, concept or spark of scintillating vernacular really can be the main issue when it comes to writing [...]

With article marketing playing a big part in the SEO world at the moment, many consultants are turning to it to get high quality backlinks in relevant content. Stop with the basics of social sharing, they are too obvious and look at more advanced methods of ensuring your article is shared across social networks. Here [...]

The World Wide Web – It’s One Big Joke

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Everyone has to start from the bottom when it comes to getting a brand out there, and what better way to give yourself a boost than with an epic April Fools. Yesterday saw some brilliant, believable and even some incredibly far-fetched fools. Here are some of my favourite from the internet which got us talking. [...]

Google Launch Google Knows

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April begins with the surprise announcement of Google Knows – a new search tool which might just change your life. Hayley Francis takes a closer look.

9 Tips To Identify Onsite Issues – SEO Troubleshooting Video

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Nick and James look at troubleshooting SEO performance, starting with onsite SEO changes.

Impatience and Conversions

March 27th, 2013 | Posted by admin in SEO - (Comments Off)

Today Jon looks at the impact that user impatience has on conversion rate

SEO Spring Clean

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Despite outside appearances spring is upon us and what better time to refresh SEO campaigns with a spring clean! With this is mind I propose a mini checklist to run through to ensure best performance and the continued growth of a campaign. Rather than changing or adding to a campaign this should be considered a [...]

Quick Win Link Building with Orphan Links

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Kieran looks at a great way to reuse the link building you have done in the past to re-home orphan links.

Ebay – PPC is a waste of money! – Video

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This week Nick and James discuss the impact that branded PPC can have on your online presence and whether eBays recent suggesting Google ads are a waste of money is accurate. Script: Welcome to this weeks video blog, Recently Mark Sweney a journalist for the Guardian wrote ‘Google keyword advertising is a waste of money, says eBay [...]