Win! Win! Win! How competition giveaways can help your SEO

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As well as brand building, competitions are great for link building and social shares. Here’s a quick guide to get one started!

Today Ashley looks at how you can take a campaign whose SEO is failing at delivering an ROI and what you can do to see success through working on the campaign and working with the client to ensure they see the value in your efforts.

As YouTube do their own version of the Harlem Shake, Hayley takes a look at the other Easter eggs – or secret messages and inside jokes – hiding within Google.

Let’s be honest, no one reads everything they see on the web. Much of it is often regurgitated mumbo and formulistic jumbo that is about as interesting as watching the slow dehydration of a freshly painted beige wall. This mountain of unnecessary, uninformative and irrelevant content has often been the thing holding many businesses back. [...]

The Training Games – SEO Video

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Most of you may have seen our SEO recruitment video, The Training Games. For those who haven’t I have embedded the video into this weeks SEO video slot. We wanted to highlight the SEO academy and training that Creare provides for any new SEO recruit. A massive thank you to Felicity Dudley who played the Trainer, Andrew Allen who [...]

Josh Chamberlain SEO Consultant at Creare Communications provides a few pointers on how to optimise categories to help enhance e-Commerce SEO.

A Comparison between Apache and Microsoft IIS servers

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In a more technical post, Rob Francis draws a comparison between two of the most widely used web servers; Apache and Microsoft’s Internet Information Services.

The Training Games – A Creare SEO production

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Have you got what it takes to rise above the rest? – Watch the Exclusive SEO video here

Google Reacts Against News Sites Selling Links

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The consequences of selling links have once again been highlighted after Interflora were found to have been paying newspapers to publish advertorials that included a followed link back to the flower delivery company’s site.This has long been against Google‘s guidelines. What prompted Google to act? In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s day, Interflora embarked [...]

Leveraging traffic via Twitter

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As an SEO consultant, success of a campaign is generally gauged by the rankings of your clients. Sending traffic to a site can be a challenging issue, but one which any good SEO will address. Rankings and branding will generally drive traffic, however, often, to go to the next level; something out of the ordinary [...]